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The software product development and consulting company is looking for a Team Lead in Poland for E-commerce project. Full-time. Office format of work with flexible hours.

The ideal Team Lead candidate for the project:

  • Has 10+ years of experience as a senior engineer, has 5+ years of experience leading teams, is an engineering mentor, has a good positive personality. Someone who is DC (dominant and conscientious) which means that they can drive results with attention to detail.
  • Great English reading, writing and speaking.
  • Has e-commerce experience (Shopify or another one).
  • Has been responsible for systems of high scale.
  • A good amount of frontend experience (TypeScript) would be required.
  • Knowledge of backend (AWS event-driven microservices on serverless framework written in TypeScript. Heavy use of MongoDB and other NoSQL data stores as well as some SQL).
  • Deep knowledge of the browser.
  • Someone who takes engineering seriously and cares about reliability, maintainability, efficiency, security and compliance. 

What you will do:

  • Initially this person should demonstrate they can code to our standards and deliver some features to be familiar with our main projects.
  • The expectation is that for 60 days they will be coding, learning our environment, deploying code to production environments, integrating with the team and starting with managing one person.
  • Then the responsibilities will later shift to interviewing and onboarding new developers.
  • Managing projects, reviewing code and ensuring quality output from Poland. 
  • Working with CTO.

For more information:

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No resume? Download our questionnaire!