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The company, a recognized leader in digital forensics and corporate incident investigation software, is looking for a strong Software and OS Reverse Engineering Specialist to join the office in Tbilisi, Georgia.

What you will be doing:

  • Reverse-engineer iOS and Android operating systems and various devices running them.
  • Finding and implementing POCs and exploits for digital forensics purposes.
  • Reverse-engineering protocols for working with various cloud services (such as iCloud, Google Cloud).


  • Dynamic application analysis with Frida, writing scripts for it.
  • Static analysis with IDA Pro.
  • Possession of IDA inbuilt debugger.
  • Knowledge of aarch64 and x86 assembler.
  • Network traffic analysis.
  • Knowledge of wireshark, fiddler or other sniffers.
  • Knowledge of OSI model, especially HTTPS.
  • Knowledge of iOS Private API.
  • Knowledge of iOS security device (how the sandbox is organized, how it is bypassed, how root rights are obtained, what entitlements are and what they are for).
  • Experience in analyzing iOS and Android applications.

We offer:

  • A small but well-coordinated team making a world-class product in its field.
  • Interesting tasks that only a few people in the world are engaged in.
  • Opportunity to attend specialized training at the company’s expense.
  • Flexible schedule, hybrid format of work.

IT recruiter – Valeryia

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